Friday, October 28, 2011

Aesthetic Apparatus

ABSOLUT Aesthetic Apparatus
Local MPLS screenprint studio Aesthetic Apparatus participated in the ABSOLUT BLANK campaign. Amazing stuff. Be sure to watch the video, too. It's pretty cool.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


mystery art via foxisblack

I saw the movie Drive. It was good, sure (really, anything with Ryan Gosling is good in my book), but I didn't immediately run home and make homage artwork. That said, I'm equally thrilled and horrified that other people actually did. 

All I have to ask is, was no one else disturbed that he never washed that creepy jacket as the movie progressed?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

12 by 2012 // #9

9.  Buy the URL I have my eye on

Done! I have also requested an invite to Cargo so I can get my portfolio site up... baby steps, but it feels good to be moving forward! Once I have the site up I'll let you know what domain I picked- I like to be suspenseful like that ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Food Truck Illustrations

While perusing Design Work Life this morning I came across beautiful food truck illustrations by Shihio Nakaza. Not only am I a sucker for ink and watercolor drawings, they remind me of my road trip this spring with my bff- we spent our one night in California wandering around all the Venice food trucks.... anywhoo, I'm getting off topic. Moral of the story, go check 'em out, and try not to get hungry.

Shihio Nakaza via Design Work Life

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Power of Making

Power of Making from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

via uppercase

Starlee Kine: Ideas

I've talked about my love of This American Life on here before, so when I was catching up on Swiss Miss this morning and saw a clip of Starlee Kine.... oh man, the excitement!

Now, technically Starlee's voice should drive me crazy- as I can not STAND lisps. But for some reason, her stories are just so relatable that I can help but love her. Aaand this topic has been on my mind a lot, so all in all, it was just a great way to start my day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Werks, Yo.

I had forgotten all about these videos that AIGA MN's emerging designers group made... they featured both of the studios I've worked for (previously at Spunk and now at Studio On Fire). A little visual treat for the weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 by 2012


Danni (of oh, hello friend) has a posed a great challenge of doing 12 things before 2012. With just about 12 weeks to go, I think it's a great idea to set some shorter term goals. My list is mostly things that have been nagging at me and that I always mean to do, but somehow they never actually get done. Maybe I'll try and take pictures of it all... but that would probably be #13 on the list...

Updated Feb 08, 2012

1. Finish my office (hang shelf and sconces, put doors on cabinet, hang art) (shelf and sconces up! The lights make a HUGE difference! Art is up! Decided against doors on the cabinet as they are $90 bucks a piece... oh well)

2. Find a shade for bedroom lamp and hang bedroom curtains (lampshade found for $1.50 in the IKEA "as is" section–score!!  ...curtains still aren't up)

3. Hold a baby for the first time (luckily one of my bff's is expecting a turkey day baby!) (done!)

4. Cash in credit card points for something fun (gonna keep saving for 6,000 more points)

5. Go to NYC, see #4 (done!!)

6. Run 250 miles (approx 20 miles a week... I was doing this easily until life got crazy a couple weeks ago and I fell off the bandwagon) (finished with 2 days to spare!)

7. Cut all the pieces for the quilt along challenge my mom and I are going to do (decided to do this tutorial instead, done! Now I just need to start sewing since it's all over my living room floor)

8. Make a bag for my yoga mat (so it can sit in my closet in style)

10. Finish archiving all my old computer files–don't want those old crusty files moved onto my new machine (I have everything on a hard drive, but haven't burned discs of pictures and really important stuff...soon).

11. Send Xmas cards now that I'm a big-girl-homeowner (Opted for New Years cards, but they were custom designed and sent by the end of the first week in Jan, hooray!)

12. Do some fun freelance design: participate in Halloween and Xmas poster shows. Design STDs for a friend's wedding. (Halloween, check! Xmas, check! New Years card, check! Save the Dates, check! Valentine poster, check! I'm on a roll!)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Swearing Makes Me Smile

Division of Labor via Quipsologies

Mama's Sauce

A lovely moment in the day spent watching this.

Makr Box Printing. from Jason Gregory on Vimeo.

Type as Image

via pinterest

I (will) heart NY

I would love to say, "Oh, hey check out this video, who doesn't love NY!?" But in reality I've never been there. It's my goal to make it in the next 6 months, so we'll see. For all you real-life NY lovers, this one's for you.

via Design Crush

Friday, October 7, 2011

Winter Goal

silenceofthethumbs via oh hello friend

With cooler weather starting to roll in, it's about time to get tucked into some great movies. I'm a complete sucker for period romances, so this post over on Oh Hello Friend was perfect! My goal this winter is to watch all of these with big mugs of tea while wrapped homemade quilts.... oh man. I'm pumped. (nerrrrd alert!)

Anne of Green Gables (I love these books when I was little), Jane Eyre (2011), Cranford, Under the Greenwood Tree, Persuasion, Jane Eyre (2006), North and South, Pride and Prejudice (an all-time fav of mine already), Emma and The Young Victoria... Thanks for the recommendations, Danni!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

inHouse at Target

I was able to bond with some of the Target peeps during last weekends Design Camp, so I was super pumped to find some cool inHouse stuff on the web... I'm sure I'll find more, but take a peek at this for now.

Target Bullseye Build from Taylor Pemberton on Vimeo.