Monday, October 29, 2012

Simple Virtues

Made by Erin Jang, aka Indigo Bunting. She's selling a print of this for a great cause, too.


"Why. WHY...twice, capitalized..."

These are just too good to not share, so I'm just going to condense it all down into one post. Be sure to check the Rookie site where these all come from.

 Be sure to check the BJ Novak and Ira Glass videos, too.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mike Perry and Kate Spade

Yay for awesome collaborations.

via Julia Kostreva

Tuesday Bassen

Even though it's totally not my style, I love Tuesday's work. I love this video even more.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haute Crap by Aesthetic Apparatus

Aesthetic Apparatus now makes Haute Crap.

How much do I heart the idea behind this?! Such a great way to expand the reach of their business without really changing what they do. Genius.

Buy It

Buy It

via MPLS EGOIST (they also have a sweet video from Thrillist I couldn't get to embed on my site)

Friday, October 19, 2012

13 by 2013

About this time last year I participated in oh, hello friend's 12 by 2012 challenge–to get a list of 12 things done before ringing in 2012. I totally killed my list, so I thought I would do a 13 by 2013 this year.

Here goes:

1. Print New Zealand pics (and put them in the album I've already purchased).
Done! Though I gave the album to my mom for Xmas... Guess I'd better do a reprint for myself. 12/23/2012

2. The obligatory gym goal: hit up the gym 3 times a week. Minimum. Sounds easy, but it's really hard to make time at this time of year.

3. Pull the trigger and actually buy a new TV or shut up about it.

4. Hang up bedroom curtains. For realz, yo.  
Done! Thanks to my friend Rachel for the use of her tools and expert eye. 11/4/2012

5. Frame the following posters: Draplin MN print, Hamilton Wood Type Coffee Print, Sunshine Print, Expletive Print, Tropical Print, Poster Offensive, Ideas Poster and Plaid Studios Coffee print. Then convince someone to buy this poster for me for xmas and frame that. (I'm running low on wall space, ps.)

6. Paint my bathroom. White or Gray. or Bright?
Done! Went with a dark gray, now I'm deciding if it's too gray. Indecision. 12/10/2013

7. Get my new leather boots repaired. (Scuffed them already, dammit!)

8. Buy colored jeans. I really like these teal ones.
Done! Thank you, Target. (I got the bright teal pair) 11/24/2012

9. Design projects: Poster Offensive, MN Nice Poster, New Years Cards
Poster Offensive Done! 11/2/2012
MN Nice Done! 11/12/2012

10. Get the struts in my car fixed.
Done! Expensive, but a load off my mind. 11/15/2012

11. Make the xmas gifts I have in mind (it's a surprise, so I can't say!)
Done! See #1 12/23/2012

12. Knit Cowl Scarf (or at least learn the stitch and get a good ways in, finish before spring)

13. Finish the quilt top I started in 2012 (it's currently all over the floor of my living room in the attempts to force myself to finish).
Done! 12/23/2013

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cool Skate Video?

I'm not much for all the skate videos out there (they all seem the same to me), but I have to admit this one was done fairly well.

via coffeemademedoit