Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MN State Fair: Trivia Answers

  1. 1859.

  2. Fairborne’s Fabulous Fair Food Finder, a new on-line food search engine at www.mnstatefair.org.

  3. Duluth.

  4. The Blue Ribbon Bargain Book

  5. 1885.

  6. The CHS Miracle of Birth Center just east of the Coliseum.

  7. Ramsey County Poor Farm.

  8. The first flight in Minnesota history.

  9. September 5, 1955. Robert Karklin received a wristwatch and silver trophy for being the fair’s millionth customer.

  10. 1,790,497 people attended the fair in 2009.

  11. Christina Aguilera.

  12. Little Farm Hands at the Fair, located off of Lee Avenue on Machinery Hill.

  13. Teddy Roosevelt, his “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” speech in 1901.

  14. John Phillip Sousa.

  15. 20,000 Gallons.

  16. At the X-Zone, located at the corner of Underwood Street and Murphy Avenue.

  17. 1947.

  18. Family Fair at Baldwin Park.

  19. On Last Chance Day, an annual Labor Day promotion held in honor of the last day of the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

  20. 1892.

  21. 1953.

  22. $60,000.

  23. Apple.

  24. Brooks and Dunn have won the award 12 times.

  25. The Arts Center and the Progress Center, both built in 1907.

  26. 1899; It consisted of an hour of harness racing followed by a massive fireworks show.

  27. 2002! Visit the Foundation at the J.V. Bailey House south of the Space Tower or www.msffoundation.org

  28. 22,000 rolls.

  29. Race horse Dan Patch, who set numerous records at the State Fair track in the early 1900s.

  30. The Polio epidemic.

  31. 85-90 pounds.

  32. 1932; Lady Pride produced 35,625 pounds of milk and 1,483 pounds of butter in a year. The average production per cow in the US was 4,000 of milk and 170 pounds of butter.

  33. 3-4 years.

  34. Alabama has performed 18 times in 13 years.

  35. 500,000.

  36. Coolidge, Eisenhower, Harding, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft.

  37. 320 acres.

  38. The fried candy bars.

  39. F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  40. "Minnesota’s Largest Senior Stretch and Stroll" held annually on the second Thursday of the Minnesota State Fair.

  41. Ye Old Mill, built in 1913.

Monday, August 30, 2010

MN State Fair Trivia

I'm actually not the biggest fan of the state fair (big crowds, expensive food and smelly livestock), but it still holds a special place in my heart. We went several times throughout my childhood, I've entered several quilts into the fair's Creative Arts building (I got a ribbon both times, thankyouverymuch) and I worked for a day during college in the University of Minnesota building.

I am, however, a huge fan of trivia. Behold MN State Fair trivia, courtesy of the fair website.

  • What year was the first Minnesota State Fair held?

  • Where can you find a listing of this year’s State Fair foods at your fingertips?

  • The 330-foot Space Tower was built in Germany, and shipped to what Minnesota city before being loaded onto 20 trucks to finally arrive at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds?

  • Where can you find 100 State Fair coupons offering savings on food, merchandise and attractions?

  • What year was the first Minnesota State Fair held on the current fairgrounds?

  • Where are almost 170 baby animals born during the 12 days of the fair?

  • What were the fairgrounds before they were the Minnesota State Fairgrounds?

  • What special event took place at the fairgrounds on June 20, 1910?

  • When did the State Fair attendance first top the one million mark?

  • What is the Minnesota State Fair’s all-time attendance record and when was it?

  • Who broke the all-time record for the most tickets sold to a single Grandstand show?

  • At what attraction can kids feed a chicken, stroll through an apple orchard and “purchase” produce all while learning about the Minnesota agricultural process?

  • Which United States President gave one of his most famous speeches at the State Fair?

  • What famous composer appeared at the fair in 1927?

  • During a typical year, how many gallons of milk are served at the American Dairy Association’s all-you-can-drink concession?

  • Where can you witness a slap shot, 360 and a wheelie all in one location?

  • When was the pronto pup introduced at the State Fair?

  • Where can you enjoy the former Children’s Theater entertainment and get a tan at the same time?

  • When can you receive discounts on food, merchandise, and Mighty Midway and Kidway rides and games just by walking though the gates?

  • When did the first merry-go-round appear at the fair?

  • In what year was the first Princess Kay of the Milky Way crowned?

  • How much did famous racehorse, Dan Patch, sell for in 1902?

  • What is the most popular flavor of pies entered in the creative activities baked goods category?

  • Which Grandstand performers have won the Country Music Association’s Vocal Duo of the Year Award more than any other group?

  • What are the two oldest buildings on the fairgrounds?

  • What year was the first nighttime Grandstand show?

  • When was the Minnesota State Fair Foundation founded?

  • Approximately, how many rolls of toilet paper are used during the fair?

  • Dan Patch Avenue on the State Fairgrounds was named after whom?

  • Why wasn’t there a fair in 1946?

  • How much butter is used to sculpt the likeness of Princess Kay of the Milky Way?

  • What year was the world’s most productive cow exhibited at the fair?

  • How long would it take the average cow to produce all the milk served during the fair's 12-day run at the All-You-Can-Drink milk booth?

  • What past Grandstand performer has made the most appearances at the State Fair?

  • On average, what’s the total number of corn dogs typically consumed by fair visitors each year?

  • Name the U.S. presidents that have visited the State Fair at one time during their life.

  • In acres, how large is the fairgrounds?

  • Which fair food contains the most calories?

  • What famous author described the Minnesota State Fair in his poem, “A Night at the Fair” in 1928?

  • Which event teaches Seniors how to stretch their muscles, how to stretch their prescription dollars and how to add steps to their days?

  • What is the oldest ride on the fairgrounds?

    No cheating! Answers tomorrow.

  • Sites I Stalk: andnothingmuchelse

    A former co-worker of mine keeps an excellent food and music blog over at andnothingmuchelse.com. I pop over from time to time to check out the latest (and always end up really hungry after reading the food posts, for some reason even the bad reviews get my stomach growling), and today I noticed this little design nugget at the bottom of the page- I'd say that pretty much sums it up.

    AIGA MN Design Camp Preview: More Frank

    What can I say, I'm really excited about seeing Frank Chimero at Design Camp.

    (if I could get a print of this, I would- pretty much sums up the way I try and live)

    (all images from his site)

    And a few more dabbles of thought from his Ethos page

    "If not now, when?"

    "Simple does not have to mean unstimulating."

    "There's nothing keeping you from doing the sort of work you wish."

    "There are no secrets or shortcuts. Work hard."

    "Be honest."

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    AIGA MN Design Camp Preview: Frank Chimero

    Thought I should show some of Frank's work as well. One thing that really draws me to this guy is that he actually commits time to his personal projects. Definitely something I've been thinking a lot about lately.

    Some of my fav projects below (all images from his site).

    State Illustrations (maybe he'll make a MN after visiting us at Design Camp?)

    Silhouette Project

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    AIGA MN Design Camp Preview: Frank Chimero

    I am once again on the committee that is coordinating AIGA MN's annual event of Design Camp. If you live in the midwest (or even if you don't) and are a designer, this is a not-to-be-missed event.

    A couple hours north of the Twin Cities, over 300 people from the design community will come together in a beautiful lodge setting for a weekend of design tips, type snobbery and flowing libations.

    Our lineup of speakers this year is top notch: Roshi Givechi (from IDEO), Frank Chimero, Doyald Young and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa.

    I've been following Frank's blog for quite some time now and I am PUMPED to see him speak!

    A few of my favorite bits from his writing:

    Nighthawks (one of my all-time favorite paintings)

    and a must see Conan clip that I'd forgotten about, until Frank re-posted it (wonderfully wonderful):

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    Twins Territory : The Ultimate Fan

    I love the Twins, but I am by no means the "Ultimate Fan." That honor lies with my friend Angie, and she has entered to officially have that title with the Twins. She's been to spring training, she's touched Joe's left sideburn and been to more games than anyone I know.


    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    Let's Paint!

    So, as I'm soon to move into my very first purchased home, I've become a bit obsessed with paint. Having lived in rentals for the past seven years (yes, mom, I'm going to include that year after college I lived with you), I'm excited to finally decorate to the fullest extent (lets permanently alter some sh#*!).

    A little inspiration I came across today:

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Re-post: Lobster Rage Fist

    If you haven't stumbled across The Tasty Vittles blog, you must add it to your daily blog stalk.

    I was scrolling through some recent posts, and amongst the beauteous design gems Emilie posts, was this cartoon. She also had the most wonderful commentary, I'm not even going to try and top it.

    Yes, Please: Posters

    If anyone needs any ideas on what to get me for a housewarming present, look no further than the latest from Adam Turman (one of my uber fav local designer/illustrators).

    I hadn't been to his site in a while, but a post over at rockstarwantabe led me back and oh how excited I was to see some of his new stuff.

    I already have this rocking test print that I snagged during the Art Attack at the Northrup king building last year, and I would love to expand my collection.

    (the test print I already own... and LOVE)

    A few of my favorites (all images from Adam's site):
    (San Fran!)

    (Target Field, the Twins fan in me wants it... a lot)

    (Isn't this a perfect way to collect them?! Postcards!)

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    I'm Offensive

    I'm straight up honored to once again be participating in Poster Offensive, a non partisan political poster show.

    I'm in amazing company, to say the least:

    Aesthetic Apparatus // Amy Jo // Brian Beatty // James Boyd-Brent // Ross Bruggink // Burlesque of North America // Bill Burns // Anchalee Chambundabongse // Candy Chang // Cork Leg Nelson // Cranky Pressman // Mike Davis // Delicious Design League // Jamey Erickson // Bill Ferenc // Zara Gonzalez // Austin Gullixson // Chad Hagen // Jessica Hall Burns // Robb Harskamp // Ben Hribar // Greg Hubacek // ikhoor // Steve Jockisch // Jeff Johnson // Craig Johnson // Josh Journey-Heinz // Joe Kral // Landland // Selina Larsen // Lost & Found Dept. // LovelyMpls // Steve Marth // Justin Martinez // Patrick Maun // Aaron Melander // Samantha Michaels // Middle Coast Collective // Lukas Mills // Bill Moran // MouseSaw // Kelly Munson // The MVA // Nomadic Press // Sarah Osborn // Ben Pagel // Eric Plumb // Andy Powell // Aaron Purmort // John Reichel // Jesse Ross // Chip Schilling // Scott Shore // Johnny Slocum // Spike Press // Mate Steinforth // Studio On Fire // TOOTH // Emma Trithart // Adam Turman // Vahalla Studios // Tony Venne // Jack Wilcox // The Work Steady // Workerman // Dustin Yerks // Nick Zdon // Todd Zerger //

    Poster Offensive 5 will be held October 28th through November 7th at Frank Stone Gallery in Minneapolis. The opening reception will be Friday, October 29th.

    Posters are due on Sunday, so of course I'm starting production now... nothing like that last minute push to get things done! But I'm not worried (knock on wood), design is complete and paper is in!

    My contribution two years ago below (first ever attempt at screenprinting). This year I'll be attempting letterpress!