Saturday, November 23, 2013

#6: Mini Pies in Jars Day!

Knocking #6 off of my 14 by 2014 list, I just wrapped up the 4th annual mini pies in jars day! Spend the afternoon making some adorable mini-pies in jars (something I saw on the Our Best Bites blog years ago).

Let's be honest though, that's not really the point of the day. We all love to get together, chat, watch terrible music videos on the internet, gorge on cheese and crackers and imbibe on some yummy mimosas.

The results were pretty cute.

Not much of the Chicken Taco Chili was left (slow cooker recipe I found here).

I even had some elves who helped me put up my xmas tree! I'm normally a pretty big grinch, but this year I'm trying really hard to embrace the holiday spirit (my days working in retail are finally starting to fade in my memory).

Monday, November 18, 2013

14 by 2014

Usually I post my end of the year to-do list in October, but this year things are running behind. Wayyy behind. Teaching has really taken much more time than I could have ever imagined. So here goes:

1. Finish the Cowl Scarf I started last year. Am on the last skein, so hopefully on Thanksgiving I can plow through it.
Done! 11/28/2013

2. Put New Zealand photos in an album. I did this for mom last year for xmas and then never finished my own. Luckily I can use hers as a reference now. (Prints are already printed and album already purchased).
Done 12/28/2013

3. Go on a mini vacay to somewhere. Anywhere. Preferably the day after I get done teaching.
Done! Duluth 12/13 - 12/15/2013

4. Block out one day before the end of the year to do nothing. NOTHING. (This might be the hardest item on my list).
Done! 12/29/2013

5. Pedicure + TJ Maxx + Revenge date with Rachel.
TJ Maxx 11/24/2013, Pedicure 11/29/2013, Revenge 12/28/2013

6. Host the 4th annual mini pies in jars party!
Done! 11/23/2013

7. Make New Years cards. Send them BEFORE New Years.
Ordered! 1/2/2014

8. Turn the quilt top I made last year into an actual quilt.
Done! 1/4/2014

9. Start collaborative project with Amy, Rachel, and Emily.

10. Clean out my closet. Again. I did it last year and it was amazing. (Side note, give clothes to a shelter, not to Goodwill).

11. Get new tires. Let's stay on the road this winter, people.
Done! Boom! 11/19/2013

12. Make a yoga mat bag for my yoga buddy, Katie.
Done! 11/29/2013

13. Frame a bunch of prints and have Rachel over to hang 'em all up.
Frames done 11/29/2013

14. Clean out the fridge. I'm talking scrub. It's getting gross in there.
Done! 2/9/2014