Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, Please: Posters

If anyone needs any ideas on what to get me for a housewarming present, look no further than the latest from Adam Turman (one of my uber fav local designer/illustrators).

I hadn't been to his site in a while, but a post over at rockstarwantabe led me back and oh how excited I was to see some of his new stuff.

I already have this rocking test print that I snagged during the Art Attack at the Northrup king building last year, and I would love to expand my collection.

(the test print I already own... and LOVE)

A few of my favorites (all images from Adam's site):
(San Fran!)

(Target Field, the Twins fan in me wants it... a lot)

(Isn't this a perfect way to collect them?! Postcards!)

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