Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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When I saw this vintage nut cracker bowl I was jolted back to my grandparent's house where one of these sat on the coffee table. It took my brother and I YEARS to figure out what it was. Even when an adult would tell us "it's a nut cracker," we had no idea what that meant (really, when you're that little peanuts and cashews are about all the nuts you eat and generally are pre-shelled- what's the need for tools?).

But, all that didn't stop us from playing with it. From the smasher and pickers (them there's technical terms), to the conveniently shaped dish (looks like a good pretend wheel to me!) we could NEVER leave it alone- I'm sure much to my Grandma's chagrin.

Anywhoo, bop on over to the pinkshirtsandcarwrecks vintage shop if you have some children to entertain and or need a good wheel for the fort you're building out of couch cushions in the living room.

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