Friday, September 10, 2010

AIGA MN Design Camp Preview: Even More Frank

Frank has been writing a series on his blog entitled The Back Side of Your Gullet is Decadent and Depraved, they are by far my favorite pieces of his writing. In the latest edition there was a blurb that really struck a cord with me- seems to be what we all hope 26 will be (or was).

"A girl suggested that being 26 was the perfect age. It was even, and you were closer to thirty than twenty, but still well shy of it, whatever awful thing being thirty signified to her. Hopefully, at that point you would feel invigorated with your clarity of direction and purpose, and skilled enough to execute. It was almost like you had done enough to feel like you were well on your way to fulfilling whatever you were supposed to do with this tiny life of yours. We all nodded in agreement. Little did we know that 26 would come, the world would change around us faster than we could change ourselves, and we would still feel like babes."

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