Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When blog ideas collide!

I admit it. I'm a complete blog stalker. Any free moment at work you'll find me scrolling through blogland, compulsively clicking on every link of interest, unable to stop myself. Because of this I have a huge (!) bookmarked folder of things to do and thing to make. Often things are simply dream ideas (Apartment Therapy, anyone? I love those spaces!), but often times things are completely do-able and when you combine ideas, oh man, watch out! For example:

 A few weeks back on A Merry Mishap this painted porcelain was featured and I seriously debated finally tossing my chipped glass Ikea plates for some fresh white ones just so I could doodle on them. With plates not really in the budget at the moment, I resisted and continue to eat off my sad blue plates from college.

But then (!) today Libby from pinkshirtsandcarwrecks posted these great West Elm ceramic containers she got on sale. Hmmm.... I've been looking for a nice canister to keep coffee on the counter (the only other spot to keep it is waaaay up on the top shelf, where even I (at 5 foot 10) have to stand on my tip tip tip toes to reach it). I've debated something vintage, something modern, and something just utilitarian, but nothing really struck my fancy. I'm mean this is a big deal- it's going to sit out for all who visit to see!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?! I'm pretty sure these ideas could be combined. The West Elm containers are ceramic, not porcelain, so I'll have to investigate if there are paint pens that work on that surface (the former JoAnn Fabrics employee in me has a feeling there are).

I'll keep you posted on this one folks!


  1. I'm pretty sure I cannot wait to see these ideas collide!! :]

  2. nice! i also liked this project from aesthetic outburst that is along the same lines:

    something about that black on white...