Monday, November 18, 2013

14 by 2014

Usually I post my end of the year to-do list in October, but this year things are running behind. Wayyy behind. Teaching has really taken much more time than I could have ever imagined. So here goes:

1. Finish the Cowl Scarf I started last year. Am on the last skein, so hopefully on Thanksgiving I can plow through it.
Done! 11/28/2013

2. Put New Zealand photos in an album. I did this for mom last year for xmas and then never finished my own. Luckily I can use hers as a reference now. (Prints are already printed and album already purchased).
Done 12/28/2013

3. Go on a mini vacay to somewhere. Anywhere. Preferably the day after I get done teaching.
Done! Duluth 12/13 - 12/15/2013

4. Block out one day before the end of the year to do nothing. NOTHING. (This might be the hardest item on my list).
Done! 12/29/2013

5. Pedicure + TJ Maxx + Revenge date with Rachel.
TJ Maxx 11/24/2013, Pedicure 11/29/2013, Revenge 12/28/2013

6. Host the 4th annual mini pies in jars party!
Done! 11/23/2013

7. Make New Years cards. Send them BEFORE New Years.
Ordered! 1/2/2014

8. Turn the quilt top I made last year into an actual quilt.
Done! 1/4/2014

9. Start collaborative project with Amy, Rachel, and Emily.

10. Clean out my closet. Again. I did it last year and it was amazing. (Side note, give clothes to a shelter, not to Goodwill).

11. Get new tires. Let's stay on the road this winter, people.
Done! Boom! 11/19/2013

12. Make a yoga mat bag for my yoga buddy, Katie.
Done! 11/29/2013

13. Frame a bunch of prints and have Rachel over to hang 'em all up.
Frames done 11/29/2013

14. Clean out the fridge. I'm talking scrub. It's getting gross in there.
Done! 2/9/2014

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