Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blogs I Stalk: Ink and Spindle

In an effort to keep my blogging momentum going, I thought I'd drop a quick post about one of my own favorite blogs to follow, Ink and Spindle. These ladies are based out of Melbourne, Australia and having been there a few years back myself, following this blogs holds a special place in my heart. If only I had known about them when I was there... ah, well.

They design and screenprint fantastic fabrics, (truly beautiful stuff) and their posts are always very lighthearted- which I thoroughly appreciate. The sewer in me is mega jealous of their ability to combine a graphic design skill set with textiles. So cool.

One of my favorite quotes off their website, it carries such a spirit I think many professional artists can relate to: "It's such a relief to be able to 'make' again..."

Be sure to check out their shop where you can even order yardage of their fabrics!

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