Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Inspiration : Hawaii : Buddhist Temple

Just outside the small town of Pahala, on the Big Island, we visited this Buddhist temple. I was taken immediately by the colors and painted detailing throughout the structure. There was even a peacock roaming about. I must say, though, my favorite part was the outdoor area covered in prayer flags.

The view as you walk up. Makes me want to cop a squat on the grass and sketch.

The alter. Incense, flowers, a rad tiger rug and of course, a Buddha.

Stained glass. I think this would make a good quilt square some day (when I finally tackle making circles, that is).

Cool cut paper effect on this light fixture.

Peace pole stating: May Peace Prevail on Earth. Trivia: How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet? Answer to come later in the week...

Prayer flags! And looks like the monks there enjoy a good lawn chair (yes, there were monks).

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