Thursday, May 13, 2010

Travel Inspiration : Hawaii : Cliff Jumping

Cliff what!? That's right, cliff jumping. On the big island of Hawaii, at the southern most tip, strangely enough called "South Point," (which is also the most southern point of the United States) there is a cliff. It's 44 feet high (or so we're told by the locals), the most gorgeous blue you've ever seen and yes, perfect to jump off of.

One of the first jumpers, photo courtesy of Angie.

Since it's hard to take a picture straight down a cliff, here's a view to the side that shows some similar ledges to the one we were leaping off. Photo courtesy of Angie.

The top of the ladder you had to use to climb out. You had to grab that rope to pull yourself toward the rock and then it was one rickty ladder lashed on to the next. The jump was nothing compare to climbing back out. Photo courtesy of Angie.

I'm in the middle, 5th from the left, I swear it's me. Photo courtesy of Angie.

A short walk away from the cliff is this freshwater sinkhole. Yup, some of us jumped in that too. Hey, why not. The 10-15 feet was nothing and there was no scary ladder to climb out on.

Several days later, the bruises that had appeared. This is what happens when you don't have your legs completely straight and your shins hit the surface of the water. (Aren't my legs strangely pale for being in Hawaii? I am just not meant to be tan.)

Even if you're not inspired by the landscape, although you should be, take this as your cue to do things that scare you. Trust me, you won' t regret it. It's the things you don't do you end up regretting.

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